Published: 04th June 2010
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It seems like everywhere you turn, the thing that people are talking about the most now is "8 Pack Abs". Geez...what ever happened to being happy with a strong set of 6 pack abs? I guess we can blame it on inflation huh? But really, why the sudden surge in "8-pack envy" over 6? I'll tell you why. Because ever since young Hollywood star Taylor Lautner lifted his shirt on Access Hollywood to reveal his 8, count em 8, pack...young women and men have been equally craving to have a part of young Taylor (though obviously different parts).

So I'm here, as only the fitness professional in me could responsibly allow, to set the record straight. People...STOP WORRYING ABOUT AN 8 PACK!!! There I said it. Can you tell I've been asked this question about 48,000 times since New Moon hit the movie theaters months and months ago? God help me if they make a sequel and Lautner winds up putting on another 30 pounds of muscle!

But seriously, 8 packs are part illusion and part genetics. What do I mean by that? Well, if you look at the picture of Taylor Lautner to our left, you'll see that the top row starts just below the pecs. That is very standard and is quite often the easiest row to develop. Next comes the middle row and below that the lower abs. The lower row should sit just below or equal to the belly buttong. Now..that last little row is what throws everyone off. Hell, it's not even a row. It's more like a half of a half of a row. But no matter. It's what gives the illusion of that elusive fourth row. Don't despair. It's not really there. What is there is yet another ridge of the SINGLE MUSCLE called the rectus abdominus!

Did you get that last part? Remember, there really is NO such thing as upper, middle and lower abs since the muscle is all one muscle group that either contracts together as one or doesn't contract. The areas are divided up by connective tissue that is pulled tighter in some places and not in others. In the areas where it is taut, the bands act as dividers and give the impression of individual muscles. Now, that clarified, all that separates that extra mysterious row of 2 that converts the 6 pack into 8, is connective tissue that is organized genetically in that person. That's it! No secret workout or exercise invented in the Eastern Bloc that is going to suddenly transform your 6 pack into a 6 plus 2 pack!

So before you head out to the beach this Summer, remember this guys. A strong six pack will be just as eye catching as an elusive 8 would seem to be! Six pack abs are an immediate distinguisher between the Abs and the Ab-Nots! Be an "Ab" and ditch the excuses that prevent you from starting on your way to a better stomach until you've figured out all the ins and outs of proper ab training and then see if an 8 pack is in your future by REALLY honing in on those final cuts. And I guess it would go without saying but remember to keep eating healthy or start if you havn't been. Even Taylor Lautner's 8 pack would go unseen if he decided tomorrow that he was going to eat more like your typical teenager, instead of the teen idol that he is...and started to pack on the pounds of fat around the midsection while digging into pizza, ice cream, chips and cookies!

So, again...sure it's normal to be infatuated with the "8 Pack", but lets not lose sight of the fact that we've got to walk before we can run. Do what is necessary to reveal the standard 6 first before you leap forward into hoping you've got that extra line to make two more! Just keeping it real folks!

6 Pack? 8 Pack? Heck most guys reading this would settle for any pack since what they do have right now is too much fat in their bellies! If you want to finally start revealing the abs you've had hidden for years, then I suggest you look into the 90 day "ab-sculpting" system created by celebrity fitness trainer and choice of today's top pro athletes...Jeff Cavaliere, as he shows you what you're capable of by reconstructing your body with 3-5 unique, hard core workouts a week. His AthLEAN-X Training System truly represents the Next Generation of Fitness! ARE YOU NEXT? CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED or visit http://athleanx.com/getripped.html

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